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Hi everyone!

This term we are very excited about our big show Namo-Alé on the evening of Saturday 24th June. Make sure you invite your friends and family and purchase your tickets in advance to save money.

Below you can see the pieces that we will be performing (so you can practise at home!)

African Dance

Beginner dance class will perform Soboninkun, and intermediate dance class will perform Mendiani for Namo-Alé.

Beginner Drumming

Beginner djembe class has been working on Yaga and Sorsoner. For Namo-Alé we will perform with the intermediate students in a combined choreography.

Intermediate Drumming

Intermediate djembe class has been working on lots of rhythms! For the show, we will play Sorsoner (with the beginners) then Tiriba and Djole.