Camp Samatou 2017 in review

Camp Samatou this year was the best one yet. Three action-packed days of drumming, dancing and singing with artists Mohamed Bangoura ‘Bangouraké’, Naby Bangoura, Bassidi Koné, Lam Lakiz, Iglay Arnaud, Ruth Kennedy, Clair Okamoto, Emily Cooper, Mitzi McRae and Simon Lewis.

So grateful for our food team who created miracles in the kitchen – Liz Strudwick, Ryo and Kate.

What an epic adventure! More info about Camp Samatou here




Here’s what our campers had to say about this year’s Samatou experience…


All of my favourite activities. It was just like being in Africa. A music lovers paradise filled with fire & joy. Thank you Simon Lewis & Mitzi McRae.

Ruth Kennedy

What a great time at Camp Samatou 2017! Mitzi McRae, you are one dynamic, inspiring, inclusive, organised outstanding individual! (Aided and abetted by great drummer/teacher/partner/collaborator Simon Lewis and awesome parents Myrna McRae and David McRae.) The artists were highly skilled, both at their art and at teaching, as well as being approachable and friendly. The venue was perfect – lovely Aussie bush, birds, water, a little walking, big spaces, fresh air – the food was tasty and healthy – thanks Liz and crew – the participants were multicultural & friendly – and I’d like to thank everybody who helped me with carting Holey Cheeses gear – especially Barnie Muckwell – and all the lovely people of good taste who bought my wares. I made it thru thanks to caffeine and today I feel like a new person after 9 hours sleep. Looking forward to 2018!!!

Anne Harkin

Saturday nights entertainment! I’ve never been so entertained in my life! It was a really magic moment coming out of the kitchen and witnessing what everyone had been up to during the day. So incredibly special

Liz Strudwick

Yes Yes Yes loved the whole weekend. Fantastic you guys. Its on our agenda for next year. Wouldn’t miss it. Thank you so much for an super amazing camp. Food was superb.

Cate Gibson

As a new drummer the experience was fantastic to have drums and dance together – providing purpose to the drumming for dancers.  In describing this to a friend, I think the word professional aptly describes the experience:  Great Camp Thank you.

Mike Hitch

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