FLASH MOB 2018 – Luna Park

Video: final rehearsal

Kwame, our Ghanaian dancer, had left by the time we made this video – he will be dancing in the circle and singing the song.

The song words go BA BA BA BA SHE BA BA OOO, OH SHE BA BA. Kwame will sing first and then we will respond with the same (nice and loud!) The singing provides your cue to enter if you have learnt from the online video. This is after 5 minutes of other dancing so just relax and enjoy the show in the meantime.

Any issues, feel free to get in touch: Mitzi 0439334197
Otherwise I’ll see you tomorrow! xxx

Flash mob learning video

Please note – if you are attending the dance classes and looking for the extended choreography you can find it on the Resources for Students page

When is it?

  • Friday 2nd March 6.30pm FINAL REHEARSAL @ Brunswick South PS – 56 Brunswick rd, Brunswick East
  • Sunday 4th March 2pm FLASH MOB Luna Park (main entrance)

Nb on the day we may well do the flash mob a couple of times – we’ll play it by ear!

If you have spectators attending, please ask them to look unassuming, not as if they’re waiting for a big show to start! We’ll chat more about this at the rehearsal.

What is a flash mob?

A small group of drummers are busking on the street. Somebody gets inspired and starts dancing along to the music. A second person comes and joins in. All of a sudden there is synchrony to their movement – and wait, another person has joined, and another…. Eventually a huge group of drummers and dancers are performing a tightly choreographed show.

This seemingly-spontaneous happening actually takes a lot of preparation, but it’s worth it to be part of a thrilling en masse street show. We need LOTS of people to make it powerful. Please join us and invite your friends.

Keep checking this page for more info and learning videos.

Check out some of our past flash mobs…

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