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Jerusalema video clip

The song Jerusalema by Master KG has gone absolutely viral. Everyone is creating their own video clips doing the dance – we thought we would do an iso version! All welcome.


Drums arrive from Guinea – finally!

We have waited 3 long years for this precious cargo to arrive and strangely enough, here it is in the middle of the pandemic. Simon is in heaven, surrounded by beautifully carved djembes and dunduns, exquisite balafons, calabash…


Tough times

Melbourne Djembe has undergone some dramatic changes. Here’s where we’re at right now.

Flash mobs, Home

Zoom flash mob video

Well, we had lots of fun with this! This is what the community looked like in April 2020. Keeping connected with creative projects. Thanks…

Attend classes via Zoom

You are now welcome to attend classes from your own home via an online service called Zoom. All you will need is a computer…