Our good friend Sarah Dee is the founder of this new dance experience. She now has a range of dance classes all over Melbourne.

“Dee Street is a series of 4 dance courses that combine Afro, Hip-Hop, Dancehall and Booty moves with a touch of Krump and Bounce, we break down these styles and help you find yours.”

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Dee street Website
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Melbourne’s home of dance hall and street dance, music and culture, Jungle City Studios provide a full timetable of exciting dance classes as well as space hire in the heart of Brunswick.

Level 1,  7-9 Hope st, Brunswick

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Dance classes with Claudia explore the flavoursome style & grooves from Jamaican Dancehall and Congolese Soukous, to Afrobeat, Kwaito jives, 90’s hip hop jams and Beyonce pop hits. Filled with sexy shoulders, hula hips, fancy foot rhythms, pop, shakes & grinds. With a focus on the subtle mechanics of body alignment and strength this heart of this class is about experiencing joy through movement and supporting people’s enthusiasm for dance!

Booty & the Beats on Fb


Briohny Has a history of dancing with Melbourne Djembe and is now a popular teacher of tribal belly dance.

We welcome people on all dance levels, beginners to advanced, all shapes, sizes and ethnic backgrounds. We pride ourselves on being an inclusive and friendly class. We offer performance opportunities but never pressure our students to perform.

Briohny is currently teaching classes in Northcote. More info…

Tribal Bellydance Classes – website
A Tribal Mantle & the Vivid Sisters on Fb