Want to bring people together? Want to have some fun that will involve everybody? Want to be challenged and invigorated? Want to break the ice and loosen the ties?

“Rhythm has long been used as a metaphor for our lives. When we are in rhythm with our colleagues and in tune with our own creative ability then the results of team work seem to come naturally and with less effort.”

Drumming is fun and participants are immediately engaged by the great sounds they can make on the drums with no previous experience.

With so many people and so many drums we can make a big sound together. It can be a lot of disorganized noise or it can something musical and interesting…it can be powerful and provocative. Simon gives clear and simple instructions that gets everyone sounding strong very quickly. Like everything, there is an Art to working as a team.

It’s challenging and fun. When participants play together they experience the importance of working as a team and understand that the overall effect or result is bigger than the individual parts….This is SYNERGY!!

Participants explore the parameters of rhythm and reflect upon the similarities between ensemble drumming and working as a team.

  1. Timing – let’s start slow. Break it down and begin with the basics
  2. Dynamics – let’s put a litte extra into what were doing and hear the difference in the results. We can play softly and loudly to create interest in the music.
  3. Creativity – everyone can have some input into how we can make the ensemble sound and look more exciting… for us and our audience
  4. Presentation – let’s look the part and let the people know that we mean business!
  5. Individual Parts – the individual rhythms come together to make the whole…each building block is integral and unique.
  6. Leadership – with clear and confident direction and plenty of positive feed back we can achieve our set goals.
Drum circle (people playing djembes)

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