Afro-Fluro Drum & Dance!

‘Firefly’ has emerged from a group of like-minded, passionate people who have travelled to West Africa and are very excited by the explosive energy of the music and dance. We have brought back this seed of inspiration and created something unique.

This is a dance show with live percussion. It is based in West African dance and drum styles but has been adapted so that it is captivating to an audience – with contrasting rhythms, vocal parts, a range of instruments and and entirely new visual element. Our costumes combine bright colours, reflective fabric, mirrors and professional face paint which fluoresce under UV lighting.

Our group exists in a range of configurations. We are available as a six-piece ensemble with three drummers and three dancers, or else a much larger show. We can also provide African acrobats and fire artists.

We are very loud and always draw a crowd – perfect for festivals and parties!

Contact us to discuss your event and obtain a quote.

‘They are like a Vegas act.’
‘They set the wow factor to the room.’
‘Spectacular – they set the mood for the night.’