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Weekly classes

Simon Lewis playing djembe

We provide two levels of djembe class each week, taught by Simon Lewis. Beginner class will introduce co-ordination and foundation patterns using the bass, tone and slap sounds. Fun warm-ups lead into the traditional accompaniments of the African tribal rhythms. You will learn the musical language of the djembe which culminates in an arranged piece including breaks and traditional songs.

Intermediate class requires some drumming experience. Expect more complex djembe accompaniments and other elements of traditional African rhythms including dundun and bell parts.

Classes are fun, non-competitive, challenging and you will discover and develop your own sense of rhythm while exploring the parameters of ensemble playing. Invigorate your rhythmic self!

Term dates (5 weeks)
  • 13th July – 10th August
  • 17th August – 14th September

Class location

All drumming classes are held at The Mezzanine Р3 Merrifield st, Brunswick.

Beginner Djembe

5-week course $100, single class $25
7-8pm Wednesdays
The Mezzanine - 3 Merrifield st, Brunswick (see map)
Suitable for beginners and those with a small amount of drumming experience. Drums provided free of charge upon request.

Intermediate Djembe

5-week course $100
8-9pm Wednesdays
The Mezzanine - 3 Merrifield st, Brunswick (see map)
Some previous djembe training required. Drums provided free of charge upon request.

Don’t know which class to do?

Discover Djembe series

Simon Lewis has created a new video tutorial series for those who would like to learn djembe at home! 5 x 20min lessons.

Suitable for those with no experience. More info