The Francophonie in Africa

Let’s drum & dance!



Are you looking for an engaging, active incursion to motivate your students to learn French?

Mitzi and Simon have travelled across West Africa speaking French in Guinea, Senegal, Mali and Burkina Faso and they would like to tell their story! Originally motivated by the study of percussion and dance – their travels ended up immersing them in a new language. Featuring special guest African artists, we would like to take your students on an adventure to the other side of the world…

Students will discover

  • The extent of francophonie across the African continent
  • How languages spread and transform
  • The joy of playing African drums & learning the dances
  • History and cultural context of musical traditions
  • Some French words related to dance / drumming

Melbourne Djembe can supply instruments for up to 100 students.
Upon booking, you will be provided with resource material (information & comprehension questions) to get your students ready for the event.

Mitzi is a registered secondary teacher. All facilitators have WWC and PLI.

On the day

Workshop(s) will require a large space where students can move around, and chairs to sit on while playing drums. We are noisy so please factor this in when choosing your spot. We will arrive 30min – 1 hr early to load in the djembes.
We can’t wait to drum and dance with you!

Did you know more people speak French in Africa than anywhere else in the world?

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