Video tutorials

African dance Fundamentals

A series of 30min tutorial videos for dancers, concentrating on the basic movements which comprise the vocabulary for more complicated sequences.

Afrostyle fitness series

Get fit and have fun at home to infectious Afro pop.
4 x 20min workout videos.

Discover Djembe – tutorial series for beginners

This series provides essential tools for those new to djembe.
5 x 20minute videos:

Lesson 1: Getting Started – creating the 3 main sounds
Lesson 2: Warm-up and coordination – exercises to get your hands moving
Lesson 3: Ensemble dynamics – introducing dunduns, how the lead djembe communicates with the other drums
Lesson 4: Subdivisions & Time signatures – what do the numbers mean?
Lesson 5: Grooving with accompaniments – put it all together and jam with a friend!