Flash mob June 2016

When and where?

Flash mob: Saturday 25th June

11am – big flash mob with all classes. City Square – cnr Swantson st & Collins st
12.00 midday – short flash mob. Intersection of Elizabeth st & Flinders st.

On this day we will perform TWO flash mobs. The first will involve all classes with a duration of approximately 15 minutes. The second will occur on the intersection of Elizabeth and Flinders st during the period of the ‘green man’ for 32 seconds – that’s all we get! For this short one, we need LOTS of people so recruit your friends for this.

Short flash mob learning videos

If you would like to be in the short flash mob, you can learn the choreography from these videos. The first clip is a slow version (front view then back view from 0:45 sec). If you are learning online without attending any classes, please let Mitzi know so she can email you regarding any extra info: mitzimcrae@hotmail.com

Final Rehearsal Video

On the day, the drummers will be located BEHIND the dancers, along Flinders st, in front of the station. Dancers will face north towards Elizabeth st. Mitzi will hold one arm up in the air as your cue to enter on the next Walk signal. Try to look casual on entry and exit.

What is a flash mob?

A small group of drummers busk in the middle of the city. Somebody gets inspired and starts dancing along to the music. A second person comes and joins in. All of a sudden there is synchrony to their movement – and wait, another person has joined, and another…. Eventually a group of 15 drummers 50 dancers are performing a tightly choreographed show.

This seemingly-spontaneous happening actually takes months of preparation, but it’s worth it to be part of a thrilling en masse street show. We need LOTS of people to make it powerful. Please join us and invite your friends.

The event will be filmed and professionally photographed. Check out some of the flash mobs we have done in the past.