Video clip – Time to Party

Hi Ladies. I’m very excited about our new project 😊
The full chorie is in the video below. Ideally I’d like you to send me two clips (or more!)…

  • Entire dance in your lounge room
  • Second half from 1:12 (or whole thing) somewhere interesting which might be in the middle of the road / in a supermarket / on a table / on the roof / with an animal… anywhere! If you can’t manage the whole thing, please try at least to get the ‘chorus move’ (seen below 0:25 – 0:40)

I’m not too fussed about what you send me – I’d just like to get a range of interesting scenes. The idea is that you ladies are spontaneously inspired to dance while out and about. Wear something bright that’s comfortable to dance in and try to look like you are having fun. 😁


  • be made in landscape format (phone on its side) 📷
  • be made with the best quality phone you have available
  • be sent to me via WhatsApp (0439 334 197) or Dropbox
  • be finished by 17th July

Any questions – ask me!!

Thank you in advance. xxx

Melodi Ya Lla video clip

I’m so proud of you guys! Thanks so much to those who took part. xx

Good times!