Mali trip, January 2016

Do you want to study drum/dance in Africa with professional artists?
Mitzi is going to Mali and would love some company!

30th December 2015 to 25th January 2016
You could stay for a longer/shorter period and we’re happy to help you out with accommodation and tuition. These are the dates that Mitzi will be there.


Bamako, Mali, West Africa. This is the capital city and is full of great artists.
In terms of accommodation, we plan to rent a house as a group. Once we have more information about the number of people coming along Bassidi will search for an appropriately-sized place not too far from the training centre. This is the most economical way to do it.

Who will be teaching?

Bassidi Koné and Bwazan will be teaching and organising specialist teachers. You can decide what you want to learn and for how many hours per day. There will be a flat rate per hour for classes. You will need to specify your experience level so you can be grouped with others of similar ability. You can choose from:

– Dance
– Djembe
– Dundun
– Balafon

How much does it cost?

You will need to organise your own flights to Mali which typically cost between $2400 and $3500. Email Mitzi if you need help with this ( Other costs will include tuition (around $15/hour) and accommodation (up to but probably less than $20/night) and food – cheap.

 Other things to organise
  • Visa. You’ll need to send your passport to Japan to get your visa. It will cost around $100 and you also need to supply application forms, passport photos and passport. All the info can be found here 
  • Vaccinations. You must be immunised against Yellow Fever to enter Mali. The other recommended immunisations are Typhoid, Hepatitis A & B, and Rabies. An anti-malarial is recommended too (Doxycycline is the cheapest). More information, including location of clinics, can be found on the Travelvax website.
What now?

Let Mitzi know if you’re interested and she’ll keep you updated about plans. or 0439334197

Check out who you’ll be studying with…