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China visit April/May 2018

Mitzi and Simon have just returned form Zhucheng, China, where they have been teaching and filming dundun dance, traditional djembe rhythms and West African dance.

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Back to China in April

Mitzi and Simon will be travelling to Qingdao on 26th April to 8th May – their fourth visit to China. They will be teaching…

Mitzi & Simon in Zhucheng

For our second visit to China, we spent 5 days teaching drum, dance and dundun dance in the rural village of Zhucheng. Check out the photos.

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Dundun dance visit to China

This year Mitzi and Simon were invited to teach dundun dance in China! They taught at a 3-day camp on the Southern-most tip; the island of Hainan. Children and adults participated in the camp and it culminated in a performance at a university in Haikou city. An amazing adventure!