Miriam Lieberman & Liz Frencham
African drummer and band
Keyboard and drummer of Marabou
African drummer and band
African drummers and Marabou

Miriam & The Marabou Project – photos

We were lucky to have Miriam Lieberman come to visit us from Sydney and play some beautiful melodies with double-bassist Liz Frencham. This time they performed songs mostly from Miriam’s newest album Birds of the Moon. Her songs were, as usual, authentic, heart-felt and moving. Miriam accompanies herself on kora (West African harp) and guitar.

After the mellow performance from these gorgeous ladies, we had a wild dance party with 8-piece band The Marabou Project. This show featured Bortier Okoe and Kofi Kunkpe – two master drummers from Ghana, West Africa. Bortier got up and did an impromptu dance class and the night went absolutely wild. Dancers from our performance group Wassawumba jumped up for solos. The whole room was alive and bouncing along to the music by the end of the night. This is the ultimate band for a good dance!

More Marabou!!!! (please)

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