Last term we had some great times in drum and dance classes and did some seriously fun performances. Check out the photos of our student performance evening and dun dun dance flash mob here.

Drum and dance classes – newbies always welcome!

Term 2 will begin Monday 13th April. Make sure you book in quickly if you intend on coming to dundun dance on Fridays (it has become very popular!!), otherwise feel free to come casually to drum and dance classes. We have a number of opportunities to perform including Run with the Rhythm on 19th April and Buddha’s Day multicultural festival at Federation Square on Saturday 16th May.

This term we will be focussing on Sinté


Sinté is the name given to a rhythm that comes from the Nalu people in Boké (a region in lower Guinea, near the border of Guinea-Bissau). Traditionally, this rhythm is played on krin, which is a West African log-drum. Nowadays it is a very popular rhythm played all over Guinea on djembes and dunduns, for any celebration.

According to Moustapha Bangoura, Sinté was originally played for the teenagers to remind them that they have responsibilities and must listen to the elders – and that they, too, will one day be adults. Others sources say the rhythm is about a boy and a girl who weren’t allowed to be lovers, and the girl jumped into the ocean.

Whatever the original purpose, Sinté is a very beautiful, feminine dance that has a graceful swing to it.

African dance class showing women with hair flying


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