Workshops with Lucky Lartey: African dance & Gumboot dance

Patrick ‘Lucky’ Lartey came from Ghana to Australia in 2010. He has been teaching and performing in Sydney since then, and has built himself a reputation for his versatility, friendliness and high-energy dance style.

Lucky will be teaching two workshops only in Melbourne – African dance and Gumboot dance. Come to both!

Workshop details

Sunday 29th May
@ Jungle City Studios 7-9 Hope st, Brunswick

  • 11am-12.00 AFRICAN DANCE $20
  • 12.00-1pm GUMBOOT DANCE $20
    (wear gumboots/leather shoes if you have them – not essential)

*Do both classes for $35

What is gumboot dancing?

Gumboot dancing is a style of dance that originated in the mines of South Africa, as a means of communication between workers under oppressive working conditions.

Nowadays this style of dance is celebrated around the world and has evolved into forms such as stomping – commonly seen in the US.

Lucky  will deliver this workshop in Gumboot dancing, exploring rhythms and sounds as well as the relationship between drummer and dancer.

It will be a fun, energetic and dynamic workshop that will develop your skills not only in dance but in percussion too!

Gumboot dance, Lucky Lartey

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