Study tour to Guinea: Stage Bérédé 2024

Stage Bérédé – 2 weeks of intense living in the heart of djembe music and dance… La Guinée

Dust, sweat, laughter and constant music (at the breakfast table, in class or at 3am in the discotheque). The party never stopped, due to our indefatiguable host Bamba Camara, and his entourage of Guinean artists who were continually bursting out in song.


  • Gifting of nearly 300kg of donated items to the local villagers (smiles all round)
  • Drum & dance classes on the beach
  • Visit to Circus Tinafan & Ballet Merveilles
  • Room island bliss
  • Fresh fish, tropical fruit and alloco (fried bananas)
  • Performance night with tailored African costumes
  • World renowned drum and dance teachers of the highest calibre
  • Dundunba party
  • New friends on the other side of the planet

This study tour was a life changing experience for all 18 of us. Who’s coming next year?

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