Bortier Okoe ‘Dzeng Sane’ album launch

Friday 20th May 8pm
Kindred Studios – 212A Whitehall st, Yarraville
Price – $25/ conc $20
Support act: Lamine Sonko & Ajak Kwai

Bortier Okoe

Following the recent huge successful launch and tour of Bortier Okoe’s CD in Ghana, he now has the pleasure of launching Dzeng Sane in Australia. This CD features numerous traditional instruments including hand drums, stick drums, balafone, the kora, and percussion instruments. Creating a new musical force, Bortier shares messages of hope, peace, resilience and tolerance, through irresistible music which blends traditional West African instruments with guitar, horns, and vocals.

Dzeng Sane means ‘world matters’ and each track on the CD expresses different elements related to issues in the world, ranging from Culture, which reminds us – Don’t forget your culture, your culture is your life – while the title song Dzeng Sane, is about materialism and the negative effects it can have – All around the world, people are killing…just because of money – why is life all about money and material things? We leave them behind…

His song Free People is a freedom song for everyone around the world, and Sumo is about universal love between all people.

Born in Ghana, West Africa, Bortier was a child prodigy who spent much of his childhood travelling Ghana with his family in their music and dance performance group, Nyomor Baatsor, and it’s not surprising to learn that he was recognised by the Ghanaian government as a master drummer and cultural ambassador when he was only seventeen years old.

Bringing in audiences from across all ages, inspiring the youth, receiving attention from radio and TV stations across Accra, and considered an important musician and messenger in his home country, Bortier’s music features intense, intricate poly-rhythms through to slow, passionate grooves. Exhilarating performances by Bortier and his band creates excitement and joy for audiences.

Bortier Okoe

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