Zoom Flash Mob


All you need to do is make yourself available at the following times (Melbourne AEDT)

  • Saturday 4th April 11am – meeting to explain things
  • Monday 6th April 6.15pm – dance class then filming

All of this will happen on Zoom which is an online streaming platform. It is VERY EASY.

Can anyone join?

Yes. Any dancers anywhere are welcome (including beginners!)

What do I need to do?

You will need to register as we have a maximum capacity of 49 dancers.
Send me a message: mitzimcrae@hotmail.com / 0439334197 / Fb messenger.

Then just turn up to the online meetings on Zoom as per dates above. You will need internet connection and on the Monday you’ll need some space in front of your computer to dance.

How will this work?

It’s not a real flash mob as such, but it will appear that way when I edit the video.

On 6th April everyone will join on Zoom. We will have a short dance class (maybe 30min) to learn the choreography then I will record us. This choreography will be the end of the dance that I have been teaching in my Monday night beginner class (Sofa).

After this, some people will exit Zoom and we’ll film again. Then more will leave, we’ll film again, and so on.

After we have made all these clips, I will stitch them together in reverse order so it appears that we are growing in number.

I hope to have a little narrative at the start so I ALSO NEED a few people to film themselves being bored in the house and send me the clip. If using your phone, make sure you hold it sideways (landscape). Send me anything and the best ones will go in.

What is Zoom?

Anyone can use Zoom and it’s free. You just go to the website, click on ‘Join a Meeting’, enter the code (which i will give you) and then you’re in. You will need to enable video access. The purpose of the practise meeting is to figure out how it works and make sure everyone is comfortable with it.


Get in touch! I’m just sitting at home…

Learning videos

Here is a sneak preview of what I will teach you on Monday evening in case you’d like to practise.

Sofa choreography for Beginner dance class.
African dance, African dance classes, African dance flash mob

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