Tough times

Melbourne Djembe has undergone some dramatic changes. Here’s where we’re at right now.

At the beginning of this pandemic we were bereft, assuming that our drum and dance community would disperse and lose the connections we have fostered through 15 years of hard work – classes, community events, flash mobs, stage shows, collaborations, camps…

and it has changed, but we’re evolving.

Together we have created a new-style flash mob and we’re continuing classes via Zoom. We’re keeping in touch, and it’s a miracle. We now have new people attending online classes from interstate and from New Zealand (good friends from Camp Samatou), and even some from from Canada and Seattle. We are making new connections with lovers of drum and dance all around the world.

Now there are classes being offered by African artists from America, Europe and even some direct from Guinea. We have never seen these opportunities before.

Covid-19 has shifted everyone’s perspective. I have no doubt some of these benefits will be incorporated wherever we’re heading next.

Congratulations to you all for your adaptation.

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