Etna Afro Festival

Mitzi has just returned from Etna Afro festival – an African dance camp at the foot of Etna volcano in Sicily.

Flying into Catania, the airport building was closed (recent fire) so we landed, grabbed our bags direct from the tarmac and headed up the mountain. On arrival, there was no electricity or water at the venue. Thus began our experience of Africa in Italy 😊

Each day comprised 6 hours of dancing , accompanied by a full ensemble of master balafonists, djembe and dundun folas. In the night there was live entertainment – sweet melodies from Guinean singer Moussa N’tanga – then partying with the artists until the early hours of the morning. At the end of 7 days our feet were covered in tape and blisters and brains foggy from lack of sleep and the continual effort of understanding French, Italian and Soussou.

It was an absolute pleasure to meet kindred spirits from all over Europe and especially the phenomenal teaching artists – Alya Makiti, Yansane Fatoumata, Brahima Coulibaly, Harouna Dembele and Petit Adama Diarra. Icing on the cake to reunite with firecracker Amelie and her wonderful family. Our global drum and dance family reuniting and expanding.

Coming back to Melbourne is like waking from a dream – feet broken and heart bursting.

Wontanara ❤️

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