Three women in African costumes playiong dunduns (African stick drums) with djembe players behind
woman from audience with arms raised, big smile on her face (dancing)
African dancer jumping high in the air
African dancers smiling, arms outstretched
man standing, playing djembe
Dancers in costume playing dunduns (African stick drums)
man holding djembe (African drum), clapping and talking into microphone
Dancers with hair flying, drummers behind playing djembes and dunduns
Dancer is costume playing dundun (African stick drum)

Wassawumba @ Suzuki Night Markets

Wassawumba perform their high energy drum and dance show at the Suzuki Night Markets on a balmy evening in March 2015. There was a lovely vibe at this gig and many of the audience members ended up jumping up on stage with us to solo and join in an impromptu dance class! Once again, it was lovely to see many of our students at this event. Those smiles give us so much energy.

African dance, African drumming, Djembe, performance ensemble, Wassawumba

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