Stck of African stick drums piled in Melbourne CBD
Dancer standing next to drummer with view of Melbourne city behind
Dancer with arms raised soloing to djembe player (Simon Lewis)
Beautiful dancers in costume in front of interesting building at Federation Square
Two djembe players in foreground and dundun players in background
Group of 6 people in costume playing African drums
dancers with drum sticks walking towards dunduns
Dancer with bright make up and costume
Dancers in fluro costumes and dunduns (stick drums) behind

Wassawumba @ Viva Victoria Festival

Wassawumba performed in their wild fluro cossies for Viva Victoria Festival at Federation Square in March 2015. African style, we danced in bare feet on the rocky ground and toughened up our soles! It was great to see a whole crew of our students there, and also lots of friends performing alongside us. Kept our minds off our feet at any rate…


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