Dance Classes via Skype

Students are now ‘attending’ Mitzi’s dance classes without leaving home! This has been especially helpful for people who live elsewhere, are on holidays but don’t want to miss out, have little children at home or would prefer to do the dance class in privacy!

We have had people Skyping the dance class from Queensland, Canberra, Alice Springs and Scotland and have a regular crew of 4-5 people every Monday night.

Class via Skype costs $13. If you are interested in trying it out, you need to send Mitzi your Skype name and she will call you at about 6.15pm on Mondays to set you up.

You will need to have a healthy internet connection and a large space in front of your computer screen. Make sure you turn your microphone down (it interferes with everyone else’s audio).

‘See’ you there!

Mitzi: 0439334197 or

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