Guinea trip recount

Mitzi and seven others have just returned from Guinea, West Africa, where they have been studying drum and dance for the past 4 weeks, getting very fit and very dusty!

Camp Fareta Guinea was located on the outskirts of Conakry in the middle of nowhere. Within the walls of our property, we studied 6 days a week and occasionally ventured out for a potent café noir accompanied by locals and goats. On the odd rest day, students visited waterfalls and markets, and into town to see performances of Conakry-based ‘Ballets’ (traditional drum and dance groups).

In addition to local teachers, we also had the pleasure of learning from our friends Bassidi Koné and Babara Bangoura (pictured here with a third world class djembe fola Harouna Dembele)

We breakfasted on baguettes, fried egg and fruit – the sweetest pineapple ever – while our lunches and dinners alternated between fish stew, chicken and fried plantain, spaghetti and salad.

Once again, Africa was a reminder of what it means to live on the edge of existence. These people with so little know how to seize life in all its richness.

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