African dance


Canberra Workshops

Mitzi McRae is visiting Canberra to run dance workshops. These 3 workshops will focus on dances from Guinea Conakry and will be accompanied by live drumming.
Saturday 13th April

Drum & Dance Workshops with Ibou Ngom (Senegal)

Ibou is coming to Australia!!! We met this talented musician/dancer at Camp Fareta in California (where he resides). We are thrilled to bits that he is visiting and taking the time to run a couple of workshops to edify our community. Please come along to support him and the Senegalese art form.

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Camp Fareta 2015 photos

Camp Fareta is one of the best known camps for African dancers. This year, Mitzi and 10 Aussie dancers headed over to learn some new moves. Check out the photos!