Samatou 2016 Photos

This year we had around 120 participants joining us for camp, and resounding good feedback from everyone.
Here’s what the surveys said…

“All classes were full of joyful energy. I’m definitely coming back next year”
“Excellent food – nutritious and great variety.”
“Loved the concert – so good to see the teachers perform”
“It was so inspiring to learn from & teach alongside such an incredible lineup of teachers – thanks for the opportunity!”

“It was only three days… but it was enough to re-ignite the slow burning embers within me. I returned home with a renewed vigour for this art form. My djembe playing is suddenly more alert seeking out endless possible gaps within the melody of the dunduns. It’s joyful once again and it’s persistent, intentional and harder than I’ve played in years. My fellow drummers here have noticed it. I have noticed it. I play envisioning you joyful dancers with your playful feet, your waving arms and your smiling faces. I drum with your faces etched in my mind.Thank you wonderful people of Camp Samatou. I hope to cross paths with you again soon…” Alex Salvador, Townsville

We’d just like to say a HUGE thank you to all our wonderful artists Mohamed Bangoura, Naby Bangoura, Lamine Sonko, Ousmane Sonko, Yacou Mbaye, Miriam Lieberman and Emily Cooper, and also to all those who came from interstate to join us. See you next year inshallah!!!

Camp Samatou

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