Camp Samatou 2019 photos

This year’s camp saw 170 people drumming, dancing, singing, stretching, laughing, crying and being pummelled by a state-of-the-art massage chair. Bigger than it’s ever been before, the classes were bursting at their seams but expertly managed by a team of professional teaching artists.

Mouminatou Camara captivated students with her depth of experience and subtly expressive movement. Jean-Marc blew us away with his… what WAS that? (some things need to be seen to be believed). All artists, old and new, brought an openness and ability to put their students first.

Huge amounts of energy and planning were focussed on these 4 days. Alchemy was the result. In the words of our campers…

“FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART I want to thank all the awesome teachers who enriched our minds and souls with new inspiration. Loved all the people I met, who LOVE the RHYTHM as I do! You guys rock. Let your hands dance and your soul smile”

“What an amazing four days of rhythmic energy!!! Resting in the pure bliss of dance exhaustion”

“thank you so much for such a special weekend. my heart is so full of happiness, inspiration, and gratitude. Endless love”

“Fantastic event! I only wish I had of heard about it sooner… And totally would have attended EVERY year had I fully understand what was involved! So enriching for the spirit – Thank you Looking forward to 2020!!!”

Read more feedback from our campers here.

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