dundun dance

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Student performance night – photos

At the end of the last block of classes, we held an event to showcase our drum and dance pieces, and also to farewell our dear friend Amelie who has been dancing with us for 6 years and is now moving back to her home town in France.


Project Connect – dundun dance worldwide

This video clip is the culmination of a 4-month worldwide collaborative project involving dundun dancers from Guinea, Melbourne, Perth, Alice Springs, China, Chile, USA, Canada, Greece, New Zealand and Korea. Check it out.

Student Performance

Dundun dance video project

It’s time for a new video! Next block Mitzi will be teaching a choreography in dundun dance class which will be will filmed and edited into a video, combined with footage from others around the world who will learn the same dance.

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China visit April/May 2018

Mitzi and Simon have just returned form Zhucheng, China, where they have been teaching and filming dundun dance, traditional djembe rhythms and West African dance.

Check out the photos.


Back to China in April

Mitzi and Simon will be travelling to Qingdao on 26th April to 8th May – their fourth visit to China. They will be teaching…

Mitzi & Simon in Zhucheng

For our second visit to China, we spent 5 days teaching drum, dance and dundun dance in the rural village of Zhucheng. Check out the photos.