big group of people with drum sticks
dancers and African drums
dundun dancers smiling
Dancer with drum sticks, smiling
Dancer with drum sticks
man playing didgeridoo
Mitzi and dundun dance flash mob
African drummers at the flash mob 2015
Simon Lewis playing djembe
Mitzi and dundun dancers
big group of people with drum sticks

Dundun Dance Flash Mob 2015

In March of 2015, those at Melbourne Djembe put on a dun dun dance flash mob in Melbourne CBD! This unusual idea was inspired by the popularity of dun dun dance in it’s first term – and by the wonderful flash mobs we have done with African drum and dance in the past. It was certainly louder than any of the flash mobs we have created previously, and as per usual left us all buzzing with excitement and wanting to do another one.

Our first performance was in the amphitheatre at Federation Square – where we got mobbed by a crowd of photographing tourists (almost stopped the show!) and the second time was on the lawn next to the picturesque Arts Centre Spire. These photos were taken by the talented Bruce Davis.

African dance, African drumming, dundun dance, flash mob, student performance

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